CATPlan – Overview

CATPlan is a web based document management system that can be used as a consolidated project solution, for tender documents or simply for sharing documents with the team. CATPlan has four phases which are Design, Tendering, Construction and after Project Maintenance, you choose which phases you use.

CATPlan is flexible and affordable for any size of company and any size of project. It can be used for any or all phases of the project process, you only pay for the phases you use. CATPlan is software as a service (SAAS) so there is no capital expenditure just a modest monthly access fee.  We offer a range of cost plans that will suit most budgets whether your projects are industrial, commercial or residential.

Design Phase

The Design module functions through three phases of the project and is primarily for the design consultants to load and manage documents and project notices between the design team and the main contractor in a web based document management system.

Tender Phase

The tender phase is for the main contractor and their subcontractors however consultants can load documents during this phase.

The tender module includes Invitations, Audit Trail, Notice to Tenderers and Subcontractor Price Collection.

The tender phase strips the administration from the trade letting process.

Construction Phase

The Construction phase can be used standalone and includes Document Management and Project Notices.

There is full audit trail on all actions from all parties. Documents loaded by consultants can be reviewed prior to release to the contractors.

Maintenance Phase

CATPlan is ideal for the maintenance phase of projects whether it is the defects liability period or standalone maintenance contracts. Minimise the risk of misplaced and out of date drawings. More importantly the operations team can access documents from a mobile device so information is always available.

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