Our advanced cloud construction software solutions have been developed by highly experienced construction industry specialists and include the features you need to manage your business activities more effectively. From project, finance, document and defects management, our construction management software is designed to provide both main contractors and subcontractors with the ability to easily plan, execute and oversee every aspect of the jobs they perform. Tailored configurations are available for Main Contractors and Subcontractors (most trades) both commercial and residential. Construction Software gives your team the tools to do their day to day job more effectively.

Whether you regularly undertake large commercial construction projects or minor works and refurbs, our construction management software will help you to complete every job on budget and on time.

The best software for construction companies of all sizes in Australia and New Zealand

Our cloud-based software systems are scalable, flexible and highly configurable, making them suitable for construction companies of all sizes. Our software has been developed specifically to cater to the needs of contractors in Australia and New Zealand, compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations is assured. Training, implementation Assistance, Support and a logical structure make migrating from existing systems a simple, pain-free process. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and find out how our construction management software can be tailored to meet them.

Construction software that makes a real difference

If you are still wondering exactly what our construction management software can do for your business, please take a look at some of the testimonials we have received from our clients in Australia and New Zealand. With CATProjects, you can simplify your management and administration procedures, leading to significant efficiency improvements, cost savings and the ability to expand without growing pains.

Our highly-secure, cloud-based construction management software for New Zealand and Australian contractors can easily be accessed by both office-based and onsite personnel, ensuring that every member of your team has access to the information they need at all times. Records can be updated by all authorised personnel, from any location, ensuring your project data is both accurate and current.

You are welcome to explore our site and view details of each software product in order to evaluate what Construction Software can do for your company. If you like what you see please contact us to organise a demonstration, have a chat or get a quote.

CATProjects for Project and Business Management
CATPlan for Collaborative Document Management
CATCheckpoint for Defects Management
CATSafety for Site Safety Inductions

Experience the ultimate in business and job management systems that deal with all your documents and your finances.

Affordable for any size of company and any size of project. Get a feeling and flavour for your projects and see actions and results in real time.

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Smart, intuitive and user friendly software that gives all of your team the tools to get the job done whether they are operational or financial.

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